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"Thanks for bringing back the “Brand”.   My 1st custom CREAM was under my toes in 1983!   Lots of waves and boards in the last 37 years. I dreamed up this lady, who I nicknamed the “Dagger” in early 2020.  We sat down, and brought her to life after a 30 minute design session.  Pretty sure she is at the top of pecking order, in my quiver right now. ( which is 30 deep). Made my dream 'stick' come true....STOKED"

Matty Lehr - East Coast

"I picked up my first Cream just before my annual trip to Indonesia. It’s a bit of a step up with a rounded pin tail, which proved to be just what I needed for some reeling point breaks. It was my go-to for anything above 4ft with a nice barrel section."

Taber - Indo

"It's a spicy board. It just wants to go. Plenty of volume and a great paddler. The low rocker gets you into anything and with the pulled-in swallow, you can whip it around easily. The single-double concave gives this board so much drive. You'll feel like it has a gas pedal. I've ridden it mostly as a quad around SD on our more open-face waves. I like how I can really load up the rail and keep that drive off the bottom or during cutbacks.As a thruster, it's got the snap you'll need and it's very responsive in the pocket. It reminds me of my 80's boards, but with a longer rail and more maneuverability. I'm already looking forward to my next one!"

Todd Lehr - San Diego