Big Guy Tri


The BGT is a full extension of the Go Squash. The BGT has much more volume and a fuller outline for a bigger person who knows how to make a solid bottom turn or someone who aspires to do one.

A single concave throughout the bottom gives the BGT a solid gas pedal under the front foot for lots of speed and smooth turns. We make the BGT in poly and high end epoxy and you can add to the layup whatever you need to make the board stronger. You dream it up and we build it.

The BGT starts at $749.00 in poly fri with futures.










Length Width Thickness Volume
6'" 21 2 5/8 41.31
6'8" 21 1/4 2 3/4 44.74
6'10" 21 1/2 2 3/4 46.46
7'0" 21 1/2 2 3/4 47.66